About Us

The Kennedy Center of Louisiana is a community based non-profit organization founded in 2004 by Ms. Tonya Williams. Ms. Williams, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and Licensed Marriage and family Therapist has worked diligently to remove barriers and increase the quality of life for youth and adults with the most need for many years. It is her desire and the mission of The Kennedy Center of Louisiana to EMPOWER individuals to reach their full potential by supporting, teaching and linking them to resources in the community. It is our belief that all individuals are capable of SUCCESS and deserve the same quality of life regardless of their socio-economic background and life circumstances.

In 2008, The Kennedy Center partnered with Queensborough Elementary School and Caddo Parish Schools to establish a school-based mentoring program entitled We All Winn Mentoring to combat the academic failure, poverty, delinquency, and illiteracy that is so prominent in the community. The Kennedy Center was awarded a grant by the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools to implement this school based mentoring initiative that matches non-related adult mentors with children (grades 4th – 5th) with the greatest needs to promote positive development and social responsibility, as well as improved academic achievement.

As a result of the success of the elementary school mentoring program the Kennedy Center of Louisiana has taken steps to launch several programs with the mentoring component for juveniles and adults.

This organization is constantly seeking volunteers to serve as mentors, advisory committee members, assist with events, such as fundraisers or recreational outing with our program participants. Please continue to browse the website and contact us if any additional information is needed.

Thank You

** The We all Winn Mentoring program is named in honor of Terrance Winn, a teenager tragically killed by gunfire at the age of 16.